Computers are tools not brains.

Computers should always depend on you to do something, and not otherwise. Computers, and derivatives, are tools that help you doing what you want to do. So, as with any tool, you should know two thing before using them: What do you want to do, and how would you do it if you wouldn’t have that tool.

Imagine this situation, you’re in your regular public transportation route and today you just bought the new iPhone. You’re bored, so you take your new iPhone and start looking for an app to spend your time with. You choose a random app, install it and start using it. You’re misusing the tool you just bought, but that’s not a wrong thing. Maybe you’re exploring new possibilities but I’m certainly sure you are not giving it the use you bought it for.

Tools are great, but using them correctly makes them better. Most of the time, when you want to do something, anything, knowing the basics before using a tool, helps you using that tool better and gives you some sort of back up. Computers are a tool too. When you use them you should do the same thing. Computers can’t take our place, they just help us performing complex tasks, and making them in less time. They can’t think for us and they shouldn’t. Before performing any task, you should think about the task itself and then about the tools you can use to perform it. Not depending on a specific tool and having clear the use of the tool for the task you’re going to perform, helps you being more productive and giving a better use to it.

In the medical area I think there’s a big misunderstand about this. Computers can’t perform a doctor’s job but they can help doctors doing better and faster their daily job.

We should not be afraid of new tools. We should be afraid about the use we give them.